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Golden Rae Photography is a unique view of beauty in nature where small fragments inspire and nature patterns express their grandeur.


Rae Stegall's background in Marine biology & Microbiology creates a niche where science & nature inspires art.

Former projects include 'Soul of a Tree'... After the Cut of a Hurricane; "the Knees, Knolls & Moles of Tree Souls" & OceanCloud Photography in Galveston Island, Texas.

(Backstory: Nearly 40,000 trees were destroyed by the storm surge and salt water flooding associated with the hurricane Ike causing widespread devastation. In conjunction with the Galveston Island Tree Recovery Committee, proceeds were used to plant new trees)

Rae continues to delve into sacred beauty of nature and tree life. Captivating and wondrous, each photographic image captures prominent markings and details that intrigue and invite further exploration.

These striking & uniquely precise views of the territory of a tree will leave you in Awe. Look closely at the sacredness of the markings as they draw you into the depth of their existence.


Ask yourself what are these cryptic messages from nature and what gifts may I accept from this earth oracle?   


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